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Carports and Shade Ports

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Shade Ports
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Carports can be built in various different sizes and for various different applications, whether you want a roof over your porch or a carport for your caravan or boat Steel Art Studio has the solution for you, your carport can be built higher and longer in order for you to park your caravan, bus or truck underneath it, just like it can be built lower if you just want to cover a small trailer.

Carports are a much more cost effective way to build extra cover for your vehicles than building an addition to your garage. Carports will protect your vehicles against the elements while at the same time increase the value of your property. A carport does not necessarily have to be square structure we have designs with curved roofs and different shapes.

All carports can be fitted gutters and downpipes and can be painted in various different colors; whether you want to protect your belongings from the elements of just want shade for your entertainment area Steel Art Studio has the right Carport solution for you.

Shade Ports

Shade Ports are a good alternative to a carport and much more cost effective way to provide shade for your vehicles than a carport, shade ports are constructed from tubular mild steel framework. The legs can either be concreted into the ground or bolted on to your existing concrete slab, or otherwise you could go for a cantilever option where your shade port gets mounted against a existing wall and there are no poles going down to the ground this gives you more space underneath your shade port.

The Shade port structure is covered with a polyethylene net which gets cut and sewed to size and then we stretch it over the shade port structure to fit tightly. The shade port net is then fixed to the frame using either nylon or steel rope or a pipe surround. All steelwork on the shade port structure is primed and painted to keep it rust free.

Shade Ports require little to no maintenance. In the event that a shade port gets damaged by extreme weather or a motor vehicle the nets can be replaced at low cost. Nowadays shade ports can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to add as a feature to your property without losing its primary function and at the same time your shade port will add value to your property.

Steel Art Studio provides services throughout Gauteng Specializing in balustrades, gates and gate automation, carports, shade ports, burglar proofing, steel staircases, structural steel, architectural steel, steel fencing, palisade, electric fencing, wire fencing, and all other steel work.

Featured Projects

Title: Tolero Consilium
Steel Art Studio supplied and installed all of the balustrades, 6 sets of steel staircases, 20 parking bay shade ports and palisade fancing for the Tolero Consilium office building at the N4 Business Park in Witbank.

Title: Roker Mining Supplies & Leather
Steel Art Studio supplied and installed roof trusses for domed roof with cracked roof sheeting for two warehouse buildings.