Steel Art Studio

Stainless Steel Balustrade

Due to be high resistance to corrosion and low maintenance is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Stainless steel balustrades can be supplied in various finishes - polished, brushed, matt or painted - and, when combined with glass, creates an attractive feature in your home or office while, at the same time, very functional and practical.

Our stainless steel balustrades, railings and staircases enhance not only the look and the security of your property but also add to its value.

The reduced risk of corrosion and low maintenance means that you are adding a feature to your property that will create the minimum of hassles into the future.

Below are some examples of stainless steel balustrade.

Steel Art Studio provides services throughout Gauteng Specializing in balustrades, gates and gate automation, carports, shade ports, burglar proofing, steel staircases, structural steel, architectural steel, steel fencing, palisade, electric fencing, wire fencing, and all other steel work.

Featured Projects

Title: Tolero Consilium
Steel Art Studio supplied and installed all of the balustrades, 6 sets of steel staircases, 20 parking bay shade ports and palisade fancing for the Tolero Consilium office building at the N4 Business Park in Witbank.

Title: Roker Mining Supplies & Leather
Steel Art Studio supplied and installed roof trusses for domed roof with cracked roof sheeting for two warehouse buildings.