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Steel Art Studio has a vast range of staircase designs. Architectural stairs, commercial stairs, modern staircases, traditional staircases & external staircases. We only use quality timber, stainless steel or even glass hand rails to build your staircase exactly how you imagined it.

All our stairs are individually built to your specification and are fully erected in our workshop prior to delivery, our representative will work closely with each client and give as much advice as possible to ensure your needs and requirements are met.

Please feel free to ask our representative for examples of staircase designs and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

More about our Steel Staircases

Steel Art Studio has a vast range of steel staircase designs. Modern Stairs, commercial stairs, architectural stairs, traditional staircases, floating staircase and external staircases. We only use quality mild steel, stainless steel or even glass handrails and balustrade to manufacture our staircases exactly how our clients imagined it.

Staircases can be spiral, straight, square, helical or even look like it’s a floating staircase, and the stair threads can be manufactured from either steel, stainless steel, aluminum or high quality wood. Steel Art Studio has many new staircase designs that will not only add access to upper levels of your home or business but also improve the overall look of your property as well as add value to your property.

If you want a staircase that stands out looks beautiful and adds as a feature to you property contact Steel Art Studio today, Whether you have a idea or a design for a staircase or whether you want to see some of our staircase designs Steel Art Studio will be able to help make your staircase stand out while at the same time keep its functionality and strength.

New examples of staircases coming soon

Steel Art Studio provides services throughout Gauteng Specializing in balustrades, gates and gate automation, carports, shade ports, burglar proofing, steel staircases, structural steel, architectural steel, steel fencing, palisade, electric fencing, wire fencing, and all other steel work.

Featured Projects

Title: Tolero Consilium
Steel Art Studio supplied and installed all of the balustrades, 6 sets of steel staircases, 20 parking bay shade ports and palisade fancing for the Tolero Consilium office building at the N4 Business Park in Witbank.

Title: Roker Mining Supplies & Leather
Steel Art Studio supplied and installed roof trusses for domed roof with cracked roof sheeting for two warehouse buildings.